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EAV Provides Professional And Effective Communication In This Virtual World Through Our Webcasting And Live Streaming Solutions. You Will Always Get Confused And Have Questionaries’ Like Is There Any Difference In Live Streaming And Webcasting ? Who Provides Best Webcasting Service In India ? Who Is Providing Streaming And Webcasting Technologies Near You ? Can You Connect To The Leading Broadcasting Company ? Who Does Live Surgery Broadcasting ? Is 4K Live Surgery Transmission Is Possible ?Company Provide Dedicate Line For HD Live Streaming ? What Is The Bandwidth Require To Broadcast Your Event ? Can We Connect Virtual Conference Just Through Live Streaming Solution ? Live Streaming Is Possible With Branding ? Well EAV Is The Answer For Your All Questionnaires.

Best In Class HD Live Streaming Service Worldwide - Hardware and Software Solution; Make your Virtual Event a big success

Branding And Streaming

We offers customized branding solution with white labeled website for your streaming or virtual meeting. We offer white labeled media player which gives you the ability to brand the player for your event , webinar or broadcasting with your logo or customized text. It provides you the flexibility of broadcasting your product video, board of director speech etc. You can also control the size of the public so all you need to take your phone and Connect us to go live in this virtual environment.

Webinars Go Live

Webinar is a meeting or seminar which can be conducted through livestreaming to reach number of participants at a time. We also provide you add on features like Live Chat and Live Polling. We provide end to end live streaming solution including analytics tool to get reports on your audience. Connect us for virtual webinars , virtual networking and virtual summit.

Live Corporate Event

Corporate communication program including corporate meet, HR Meet, Employee events, virtual congresses and Product launch event. We provide platform for virtual marketing events by providing them flexibility to connect with their business partners, clients via streaming in their website, customized branding page or through social media. Now you can scale your audience size. Connect us for any virtual corporate communication in worldwide.

Live Product Launch

Product launch made easy through our hd livestreaming solution. We provide you with flexible branding option for your product name and services entitled on streaming page. We can provide you the ability to reach millions of people and make brand awareness through our social media channels streaming. Give flexibility to your viewers to ask question about your latest product , conduct polling etc. Decide your audience reach based on your engagement and target audience not on the venue capacity. Connect now for virtual product launch platform.

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Virtual Event And Conferences

EAV brought virtual event platform including the webconferencing and streamiong integrated module for our esteemed event agencies, corporate, healthcare, congresses, virtual hackathons etc. Now don’t cancel your event because of Covid-19 instead increase your event reach and streaming it live to millions of viewers and successfully handle any of the virtual marketing event, virtual tech conferences, virtual medical event, virtual summits, virtual employee engagement , virtual conferences, virtual classrooms, virtual webinars, virtual surgery broadcasting etc.

Sports Event

EAV provide HD Live Streaming for sports organization through social media channels , dedicated sport event website or a customized sponsor streaming page. We are flexible to provide you solutions to increase your reach. We also provide you the power to embed our media player in any of your webpage to engage with more fans and audiences.

Webcasting for festival events

House Of Worship

Whether it is streaming solution for church, mosque, temples or Gurudwara we provide streaming solution for all so that most of the people can get connected live with the house of worship. Today in this global pandemic situation where no one can go to the worship place we can enable house of worship to get live stream and everyone can pray from anywhere in the world. Get connected for live streaming or sponsor livestream for temple, church etc.

Pharma And Healthcare

Pharmaceutical companies can do the branding and reach to millions of viewers through social media streaming solution offered by EAV in India and other countries of globe. If you are a healthcare professional and would like to spread awareness about Covid-19, related medicine and home based solution you might be looking for Virtual Platform to conduct your event online through webinar or your hospital website. We can provide you the ability to do your events virtually . Connect us now to make virtual event through your hospital, workplace etc.

Fashion And Retail Industry Streaming

HD Live Streaming is a powerful solution for Fashion and Retail Industry who wants to showcase their newly designed outfit to million of viewers on the net and also we provide you the platform wherein you can get feedback about your outfit. Now connect your customers online through our Virtual Exhibition Platform for Fashion and Retail Industry. If you belong to the Fashion Industry and Thinking how you can earn during this pandemic don’t worry we provide you the flexibility to do by our virtual exhibition platform.

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