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Audio visual equipment’s for live streaming:

Live streaming services

Live Streaming

The rise of broadband internet and lower-cost video equipment has caused a boom in live streaming. It’s easier than ever to turn your living room, bedroom, basement, or closet into a production-quality internet TV station. But as much as a live stream is based on the content you provide, you also want to make sure you’re putting your best face — and footage — forward. Nothing ruins a live stream quite like a shaky camera and too-dark image.

Audio/ video conferencing is one of the most innovative tools available in the modern fast-paced market that allows accomplishing both goals. It gives any business the edge of effective communication and collaboration with multiple selected business associates and clients simultaneously. The basic areas of video conferencing application, apart from business are the medical sector, legal sector, and education, especially broadcasting training.

Live Streaming Equipments

Web Camera

The most important component in a live streaming setup is the camera.There is awide variety of cameras to choose from, including PTZ cameras, camcorders, DSLR, and mirrorless cameras.


If you’d like to shoot stable video but don’t want to be limited by the position of your webcam or camera, you’ll need a tripod.It comes with a mount for smartphones.


If you’re planning on making your live stream sound professional, then most important equipment is Microphone. Wireless microphones are flexible to move around freely, but they need a receiver station. You can connect the receiver station directly to your encoder or audio mixer.

Streaming Destination

Where online (or on a network) will your stream be available for the viewers? We are talking about streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, Kaltura, Wowza, etc. Streaming page can be private or public, paid or free, stream-only or convert to on-demand after.

A Video Encoder

An encoder takes your final audio and video stream and turns it into a language that the internet will understand and display as live video. Youcan stream using your computer by installing streaming software. A more reliable solution might be to use a hardware encoder. For example, a hardware encoder

LED Lights

One of the biggest improvements you can make to your live streaming setup is adding dedicated lighting. If you’re in a dim room, your video will look grainy as your camera tries to compensate for the lack of light.

4K Monitor

If you’re live streaming from a computer, you’ll want to keep an eye on how your stream looks at all times. That’s easier when you have a big, high resolution monitor. The 28-inch 4K display supports HDR (high dynamic range), so you can dial in the color of your stream.

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