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EAV is one of the leading event management companies based in Chennai, run by a team of talented and experienced professionals, who have been behind some of the biggest events held in PAN India. We plan and successfully organize every single detail of your event, from innovative themes, Installation of AV equipment’s, Live streaming of events and more. We are Unique in offering the event management services for Oil & Gas Industry and proud to be ONE among the leading experts in premium segment events and had managed key marathons titles in Tamil Nadu, Chennai.

EAV Earned a Name in Corporate Event Management Services

Banquet Hall
Our cutting-edge research and Presentation, Organization and management of the events has fascinated many attendees of the events. Whether you’re interested in networking at our physical conferences around the world, engaging online for Virtual events, want to rent an AV products for Oil & Gas industry we have covered you.
Our dedicated temporary internet services and IT support team will offer all the help you need to keep things running smoothly during the events. We also provide the Audio visual equipment on rental basis which you can choose as per the audio-visual needs for events.

Some of our Prestigious Client in Oil & Gas Industry

Shell Tectonic Bangalore

Board Meeting for Shell India has been organised successfully by EAV. Necessary arrangements were made to avoid failure of Video or Audio-Visual Connection.
The event took place in Shell Conference Hall in Chennai. We have offered a package solution to the client which comprised of a dressed stage with a set, displays for the members inside the Hall. Also, we provided unified communication tools include web conferencing Cisco WebEx along with Polycom Video Conferencing Unit Group 700 to ensure seamless connectivity.
Also, there was two video cameras, Speakers and Mics for the members to interact. All the equipment allowed the client to have a professional conference by adopting all the Shell required security protocols. We also provide with floor manager to ensure everything run smoothly on the day.

Shell Tectonic Bangalore

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

EAV is the registered vendor in Indian Oil Corporation Limited for providing Dedicated Internet Leased Line for their events in and around Bangalore. We have provided 1:1 dedicated 20mbps of Internet Leased Line Connectivity on RF@ Karnataka Engineers Academy for one-day event along with Networking for HD Video Conferencing Setup on 10th August, 2021. The wireless leased line setup has been done within a day using rooftop antenna in Karnataka Engineer Academy. After the antenna has been fitted, it has been lined up with others in the area so a point-to-point internet connection has been setup.


For Polyplast We have done AV production, Stage fabrication and Entertainment, Live streaming services etc… On May 12,2022 Polyplast have approached EAV to manage their Event on 25th of May 2022 in JW Marriott JUHU Mumbai India. Our team geared up to provide event cordination , management , complete AV production & arrangement of entertainment program and required licenses.

Set of Services offered by EAV

AV Production


Sound Setup according to Band Tech Rider

Arrangement of Permission & Licenses

Arrangement and Management of Band Singer and Artist Team – " The Samrat Group "

Webcasting and Live streaming services

EAV Event Planning Solutions

Our team will work with you to curate the perfect catering offer, designed to suit both format and style of your event and provide a hospitality Prior to and during your event.
If you’d like to speak to a member of our sales team to discuss bringing your event live and success, please get in touch with us at info@yashinfosystem.in or Call us at +91 9123 583 720 .
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