Collaboration with Havas Events for La Maison Citroën Event :

Havas Events has the very best (yes, like not just the best) international network of event management expertise, covering sports marketing, corporate, entertainment, street and retail. Yash Infosystems along with collaboration to Havas has organised La Maison Citroen Event.

In 2021, the launch of Citroën’s first car will start long journey of designing and making cars that are uniquely styled, ecofriendly and comfortable. Made in India. Made for India, by the most talented Indian and French team. The launch of new C3 has been successfully executed by Havas and Yash Infosystems team.

Audio Video Production and Dedicated Internet for Citroën by EAV & EWI:

A major French Event Agency “Havas” required a duplex between Chennai and Paris submitted an inquiry to our brand EAV seeking Video, Audio, Lightning, Broadcasting and Dedicated Internet Support for La Maison Citroen, Chennai. We were the front face of the Havas in Chennai and on behalf of Havas Team we had visited site , completed client meeting and a quick assessment with pictures and videos has been submitted to Havas team in Paris. Layouts were discussed with Havas and Citroen Chennai team. Throughout the planning and execution of meeting, our team were in touch with Havas team ensuring tight integration no matter the time zones and distances separating us. The event was flawless with all audio visual production components working perfectly together. Audio Setup including Audio – 2 Top JBL Speaker With 2 Monitor Speaker, Yamaha Digital Audio Mixer, Lapel Mic – 04Nos and necessary cables along with trained technician. Sony / Samsung 4K FHD Display 65“ – 03 Nos, HD SONY PMW 300 Video Camera – 02Nos With Digital Mixer, Necessary console monitor and Setup along with Cameraman and Technician. Light – Wash & Ambient light(180 Degree ). 1:1 Dedicated Internet Bandwidth 20 Mbps Fiber Last Mile Circuit Date: From 14th to 16th September, 2021 Service Delivery Date 13th Of September, 2021 @ La Maison Citroën Chennai.

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