Audio Visual Solutions Chennai

EAV has a team of experts in providing the Audio Visual solutions like Conferences or Meeting room setup, Office AV setup or Boardroom solutions etc. We handle all the hurdles during the setup process and offer the solutions as per the requirement. Our vast equipment holding includes audio, visual and lighting. Whether you simply need a projector and a projector screen or whether you need a complete audio visual event solution set up for your conference, we have a comprehensive stock of equipment available.

Types of AV solutions we offer

Enterprise Solutions

LED/Video Wall Solutions

Health Care Solutions

Government Programs Solutions

Multi-cities AV Rental Solutions

Corporate Events Solutions

Tidel Park Events Solutions

Video conferencing Solutions

HD Streaming Solutions

Why you should opt for AV rental?

Rental services for AV Chennai gives you the ability to test and utilize products on a rental basis with an option to purchase at the end or if you have a requirement on temporary basis for the events like product launch, trade shows etc.. You can opt for the short term or long term duration as per the need.
The Audio Visual equipment is delivered to site, installed by qualified engineers and then, at the end of the proof of concept, is removed from your office location. All transport costs are covered in the service. The rental period can be for any length of time from 3 days to 3 Years also to ensure your objectives are met and evaluated within a reasonable timeframe.
Confernece and Meeting room setup
AV solutions for events

Audio Visual Hire for Events Chennai

We are an Event Audio Visual rental Company based in Chennai and offer Rental services for PAN India. Our goals are what drives us to do everything possible to make events the best they can possibly be. We do this by investing in technology, by building a resourceful and diverse team and by creating events that provide an impact for our clients.
For over 10 years, we has been renting sound, visuals and lighting for a wide range of small-scale and large-scale events that include conferences, meetings and award ceremonies.

Enterprise Solutions Chennai

We help you design an AV solution in Chennai that suits your requirements and budget, whether it is to simply mount a flat-screen display to the wall, install an audio-visual system or to project manage a comprehensive integrated system into a new build or an already existing facility. With our Enterprise Solutions, you can turn your ordinary boardroom and meeting rooms into an interactive and collaborative experience. Our innovative technologies enable faster, more efficient and effective relay of communication. Conference room AV systems are now designed to bridge the gap between in-person participants and remote participants, creating one immersive meeting experience.
Conference hall Audio visual setup
AV setup for events

LED & Video Wall Solutions Chennai

EAV has the 10+ years of experience in events industry and offering the LEDs with Its Creative & Innovative LED Solutions Chennai ranging from LED ARCH, LED GATE , CIRCULAR LED WALL to a massive Main Stage LED Wall
Using a LED video Wall for your stage set, product launch or event really adds the wow factor. It allows you to produce large moving backgrounds without the hassle of the space that increases the brand awareness and audience interactions.
Our LED video Walls can be floor standing or truss mounted and flown. Our LED video wall in Chennai gives you a unlimited freedom to build your screen in any shape and configuration. Our LED video walls are competitively priced and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events.

Healthcare Solutions Chennai

EAV is a leader in the design, engineering, and integration of HD video, audio and information distribution technologies within medical environments from modern hospital settings, to conference rooms, auditoriums and training facilities.
Our aim is to transform healthcare spaces to promote a safe healing environment. We believe that healing environments should focus on patients and their relatives, help caregivers to be efficient and make doctors comfortable. This is achieved through various design approaches for products and space. We can bring HD Live Surgery Experience at the comfort of Upcoming Surgeon/ Trainee or Any Medical Professional environment through our bespoke and world’s best Virtual Live Surgery Broadcasting Solution.
Health care AV setup
At EAV, we as a engineer provides the solution and present it in a detailed proposal using a “best value” approach for clear and effective communication in meetings.

Multiple cities AV Rental Solutions

As Event Engineers, we transform your event venue into a digital event world. We start from creating website for your event, then Content marketing, Mobile App, Digital advertising, SEO, Setting of LED walls, Solid network system and Wi-Fi that works seamlessly throughout your event.
We provide audio visual rental solution in multiple cities of India, We are known brand for complete AV solutions and event production services. We are based in Chennai, offering the solutions in PAN India such as Bangalore, Mysore, Kerala, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Jaipur, Patna, Agra, Lucknow, Noida, Gurgaon, New Delhi, Karnal, Panipat, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar.
Delhi AV solutions
AV solution Chennai
We partner with you to ensure your company’s culture and event goals stay central throughout the process.

Corporate Events AV Solutions

EAV will help you to achieve your ultimate organizational goals. As a leading AV technology provider for years, we understand the communication needs of the modern corporate environment. Today’s digital media strategies extend far beyond standard teleconferencing and video-teleconferencing; with our state-of-the-art AV hardware solutions, we can empower you with the tools necessary to meet all of your communications objectives.
We provide the crafted AV solutions for corporate events in Chennai. Unlike other planners and agencies, we specialize in the unique needs business events have. From corporate retreats, leadership/sales meetings, conferences, and kickoff parties – we handle every single detail from planning to production, even destination management and guest communication.
Tidel Park Chennai

Tidel Park Events Solutions

We also provide the AV solution for the Business and offices located at Tidel park. We offer the latest technology based AV rentals products such as Video equipment, Audio equipment, LED display panels, Video walls, Event lightning, Staging , Digital Signage, Kiosks , Video Conferencing And Webcasting on rental For Corporate meetings and Conferences held at Tidel park, Chennai

Video Conferencing Solutions Chennai

Our team of video conferencing consultants, engineers, programmers and installers work together to install your seamless video conferencing system. Whether for small business, corporate, government, education or even healthcare, our systems provide the face-to-face interaction for productive meetings, even when you can’t be in the same room. Our easy to use AV systems provide excellent sound quality for corporate office solutions for both new systems and upgrades. We help various Healthcare Professionals, Educational Institutes, Employee Engagement programs through our all in one live training conference solution. We also provide customized registration form with payment gateway so that you can make your webinar as an additional income source.
AV solution - Hybrid Solution
We as your AV technology solution provider in Chennai will provide you the entire setup for your Video Conferencing Chennai. Connect now to get a customized virtual conference solution.

HD Streaming Solutions

EAV aims to provide HD Streaming Services Chennai at a zero to low cost for our client. Our motto is customer satisfaction and to provide bespoke streaming experiences around the world. We have been servicing seamless webcasting services for our clients in Businesses, Government and Media from decades now . Our clients are among the Fortune 500 Companies. With expertise and experience of executing events across Globe in multiple industries and all business functions, we deliver professional HD Streaming services for a demanding new virtual event world.
We have been increasing our portfolio with Virtual Studio, Webcasting from Zoom, Password Authenticated Streaming , Live Q&A and Live Polling embed to our best in Industry Live and Virtual Studio Streaming Solution. We are specialized in providing Web Conferencing, Webcasting, HD Live Streaming across social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope Streaming which is responsive for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet view, On –demand and Live Studio for Product Launch, Conference, Concert, Seminar, Summit, Training, Fashion Show, Wedding, House Of Worship, Exhibition, Tradeshows, Sports Event, Educational Event, Tradeshows in chennai and other parts of the World.


EAV Audio Visual Solutions, one of the most experienced and leading audio visual solutions provider, brings audio visual products and solutions that seamlessly integrates audio, video, display, lighting equipment and system controls for applications such as boardrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, training rooms, cafeterias, telepresence rooms and much more. Our partnership with leading AV product manufacturers across the world, enable us to offer state-of-the-art products and solutions. We support virtual, live and hybrid event productions, association and medical meetings, conferences, trade shows, exhibits and in-house AV services. We provide video, audio, lighting, speaker services and content management, digital and interactive technology, scenic design and in-house support for clients in PAN India. If you have a requirement for AV rental services Chennai, please contact EAV team at 9123583720 or drop a mail at we will advise on the best options suitable for you.
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